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Brass Incense Holder

Collected, curated, & handcrafted with love. Vibrant, transcendental & the perfect apparatus for your smudging ritual. Adorn your space with this beautifully unique incense holder & stand while simultaneously healing & transforming the energy in self & your surroundings.

Intuitive Selenite- Purity Stone - Selenite means Moon in Greek & is also known as Satin Spar. This ultimate cleansing stone purifies all other crystals & stones, is a calming stone that instils deep peace. Excellent for meditation or spiritual work. Believed to assist in judgement & insight & clears confusion. Selenite is associated with the Crown & Third Eye Chakra aligning the spinal column & promoting flexibility, mental clarity, connecting to yourself & your surroundings.

Made in small batches, each design has a unique flair. Compressed round discs are made of natural pine wood with barks. Glazed with the highest quality E-Poxy Resin, embellished with a variety of 100% Pure Healing Crystals, finished with speckles of gold & bronze flakes & Brass incense holder.

Available in two sizes
5.5-6 inches(diameter);0.5-0.7 inches thick
3.5-4inch(diameter); 0.4inches thick
Select from 3 varieties of Brass Incense Holders.

Due to the sensitive nature of these materials slight imperfections & subtle variations may be present.

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